About Amfora

Harnessing biology to sustainably nourish the planet and enhance global wellness

Amfora is an agricultural company focusing on human and animal nutrition. A group of agricultural industry thought leaders and investors founded Amfora in 2016 with the vision of harnessing biology to address global food challenges.

Amfora is fueling the plant-based protein revolution by applying its patented gene editing technology to create plant-based replacements for animal protein and increasing the protein content of staple food crops. The company has raised a total of $11 million in venture capital with funding from Spruce Capital, Leaps by Bayer, and the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization.

Consumers are embracing healthy alternatives to meat because of their own health concerns. They are also turning to higher protein diets in an effort to control their blood glucose levels, and address diabetes and obesity. The increasing popularity of plant-based meat alternatives can be seen from trendy restaurants to top fast-food chains and major supermarkets promoting the availability of these healthy and nutritious choices. 

At the same time, consumers are turning to plant-based protein because of the toll that meat production takes on the environment. In addition to the large amounts of water needed to support meat production, and livestock are a leading cause of contamination of rivers, lakes, and groundwater. 

The trend is not limited to advanced economies. In fact, a seismic shift is underway that is challenging the planet’s ability to feed its people in a sustainable way. A growing global population, rising prosperity in developing countries, and changing diets are fueling demand for ever-increasing amounts of food, and in particular, foods that are high in protein.

By 2050, the world’s population will increase to 9.7 billion people, up from 7.6 billion today. To feed the world, the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization estimates food production will need to increase 60 percent by 2050. This will place a tremendous strain on natural resources and exacerbate the problems of greenhouse gas emissions and environmentally damaging effluents.   

To address these global challenges, Amfora is harnessing biology to sustainably nourish the planet and enhance global wellness. Amfora’s mission is to meet the growing global demand for foods that are high in protein by enhancing the nutritional density of food and feed crops, while reducing the cost of food and environmental toll on the planet for future generations.  

Amfora’s protein-rich soy represents a cost-effective source of protein-rich raw material to meet the rapidly growing demand for these products. By providing the suppliers of plant-based meat and dairy alternatives with a scalable, sustainable and low-cost supply of their primary ingredient, such as “ultra-high” protein soy and pea, Amfora will help to enable these companies to displace animal-based protein and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of food production.